• 1991
    Shipproject PPU founded by Mr. Jerzy Pietrzak
  • 1999
    Mr. Piotr Bilon joined Shipproject as a designer
  • 2002
    Northern Shipyard purchases majority of Shiproject Shares, Mr. Jerzy Pietrzak remains company president. Company new name NED Sp. z o.o. NED Sp. z o.o. becomes a leader in offshore support vessels design in Poland.
  • 2004
    Mr. Zbigniew Szyca joined NED Sp. z o.o. as a designer
  • 2006
    Cadmartech Sp. z o.o. created basing on the design department PBSP Systems, Mr. Piotr Bilon is a major shareholder
  • 2008
    Cadmartech Sp. z o.o. grows to one of the largest ship design and engineering companies in Poland
  • 2009
    Elomatic Oy purchases Cadmartech Sp. z o.o. shares, company name changed to Elomatic Sp. z o.o.
  • 2010
    Mr. Piotr Bilon and the ship design department experts leave Elomatic Sp. z o.o.
  • 2010
    Mr. Jerzy Pietrzak, Mr Zbigniew Szyca and Mr. Piotr Bilon founded NED-Project Sp. z o.o. ship design company
  • 2010
    NED-Project Sp. z o.o. develops a new generation of the fishing trawlers dedicated for Russian Far East.
  • 2011
    Asia Pacific Technologies and Design ZAO founded in Vladivostok, Russia as a result of the cooperation between NED-Project and Russian Partners. Mr. Piotr Bilon becomes a company shareholder and chairman of the supervisory board.
  • 2011
    NED-Project Sp. z o.o. receives a number of ship design contracts
  • 2012
    Asia Pacific Technologies and Design ZAO grows to the largest privately owned ship design organization id Russian Far East, participating in number of ship building and offshore projects for the biggest companies in Russian Federation.
  • 2012
    NED – Project Sp. z o.o. expands it’s operations into offshore sector
  • 2013
    NED-Project Sp. z o.o. develops a new generation of shallow water research and drilling vessels, design selected by Polish Maritime Insitiue
  • 2013
    NED-Project expands it’s operation into salvage sector, participating in the largest salvage project in European history – Costa Concordia Wreck Removal project

NED project

The MSWiA trade concession on products and technology for military or police use

NED – Project is a professional, independent privately owned company offering highest quality services in ship design, salvage and plant design sector.

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NED-Project experts provide service for over 30 years. Technical Director of NED has gathered experts from all disciplines, what makes the Company truly unique and highly competitive.