Human resource training

The challenges that the shipbuilding industry is currently facing are way different than few years ago. Nowdays polish design offices and shipyards are building in highly advanced technologies and modern maritime education must follow in this direction. To point the essence of this issue –  the communication between schools and empoyers, the Employers of Pomerania and the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Shipbuilding Department at Gdańsk University of Technology organised the conference “Human resource training for modern maritime and inland navigation – challenges, barriers, expectations” sponsored inter aila by NED-Project.

Organizers asked the best experts in Polish shibuilding industry and education to discuss about developement of matitime industry and education.

The event, divided into two panels – maritime economy and education, focused at examples of cooperation between schools and maritime industry, diagnose the current state of development of the Polish shibuilding and yacht industry and changes in education in correlation with the needs of employers and possibilities of influence of employers on the vocational training process and examination of adolescents and adults. Experts in goverment administration, self-government representatives, educators and experienced entrepreneurs have spoken and discussed challenges in education of modern cadres for martime economy and inland transport.

“We decided to discuss this – we entrepreneurs and representatives of the educational sphere to work out the best solutions in the way of educating the future staff” – says Zbigniew Canowiecki, President of Pomerania Employers.

Event was the part of the strategy of development a systematic model of schools – employers collaboration and was organized under the patronage of  the Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Shipping and the Minister of National Education.

For detailed report from the conference please visit:

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