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We feel pride and excitement that we can take part in such a spectacular and innovative venture of the largest Polish shipowner – Polska Żegluga Morska and its Unity Line company. The ferries announced by PŻM will set new standards, both in the field of clean shipping in the Baltic Sea and in the design of these types of vessels.

New Ro-Pax ferry designed in cooperation with PŻM and Wartsila for Unity Line is an innovative answer to current market conditions and environmental regulations. Proposed technological solutions are aimed at maximizing economic viability of the investment for the shipowner, all whilst complying with current and upcoming environmental legislation set out by international regulatory bodies. The goal in mind was for the vessels to be a new quality standard both from the perspective of shipowner as well as for the passengers. We are very happy with the achieved results and we are glad to hear positive feedback regarding our work from the client.

It is important to note that the innovative solution for renewable energy generation is also a polish patent. For NED-Project the cooperation with PŻM is a natural consequence of the company’s strategy of continuous position building as a renowned and distinguished Ro-Pax ferry design office. Furthermore, it is also worth mentioning that another innovative and interesting Ro-Pax ferry design for PŻB is currently in the works by the consortium consisting of NED-Project, StoGda and MDS.

Current order portfolio of NED-Project includes a range of varying in size ferries for foreign clients and we truly hope that some of those vessels will be built in polish shipyards.

Mr. Zbigniew Szyca , CEO

We invite you to read the articles and watch the film presentation!

Ropax UnityLine ferry

Ropax UnityLine

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