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On Thursday, November 16th in Remontowa Shipbuilding SA yard in Gdansk took place a ceremony of plate cutting for the first of six tugs built for the Ministry of Defence. Ned-Project will be responsible for the technical project and Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting will be responsible for the workshop documentation.

It is a groundbreaking project for the Polish Navy, the plate cutting is another milestone for the finalization of the agreement which the Arms Inspectorate of MoD signed in June with Stocznia Remontowa Shipbuilding as a result of tender allotment “Zabezpieczenie techniczne i prowadzenie działań ratowniczych na morzu pk. Holownik.” The first tug is scheduled to be delivered in 2019.

The importance of the project is reflected by the composition of the military delegation present during the ceremony: Inspector for the Navy Admiral Mirosław Mordel, Deputy Chief of Armament Inspectorate for aviation and marine technology Colonel Waldemar Bogusławski, Chief of Staff for the Squadron of support ships Commander Albert Figat, Chief of Training for the 8th flotilla of coastal defence Commander Jarosław Kukliński, Commander Mirosław Jurkowlaniec, Commander Krzysztof Olejniczak, Commander Bogdan Liput and Commander Robert Lisowski.

NED-Project’s representation: Zbigniew Szyca, CEO, Professor Andrzej Lerch, Jerzy Pietrzak – Board Member, Krzysztof Krakowski – project manager. Stocznia Remontowa Shipbuilding SA was represented by CEO Piotr Dowżenko.

“…It is worth emphasizing that the building of new vessels for the Armed Forces poses a challenge both for us and the shipyard, a challenge that needs to be overcome for the future success of the economy and the Armed Forces” – Krzysztof Stępniewski Arms Inspectorate MoD.”

The project of the Tug is a result of design office’s improved proficiency in designing specialized units. The author of the concept is Professor Andrzej Lerch who has passed on his expertise to designers like Patryk Sójkowski or Krzysztof Krakowski. As a polish design office, we are especially proud that we can contribute to the process of rebuilding Polish Navy’s potential.

The photo and video material below:

Remontowa Shipbuilding 1
Remontowa Shipbuilding 2
Remontowa Shipbuilding 3
Remontowa Shipbuilding 4
Remontowa Shipbuilding 5
Remontowa Shipbuilding 6
Remontowa Shipbuilding 7
Remontowa Shipbuilding 8
Remontowa Shipbuilding 9
Remontowa Shipbuilding 10
Remontowa Shipbuilding 11
Remontowa Shipbuilding 12

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