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We believe that great designs deserve great depictions of their potential. Therefore we put enormous effort into making sure each piece of graphical content we publish is of the highest quality and reflects the work put into the design by our team.

Our graphical content:

  • High quality visualisations
  • High detailed 3d modeling
  • 3D Animations
  • Marketing Applications

Animations prepared by our graphical artist are have the goal of presenting the design in relevant work scenarios, performing offshore installations, docking in their respective ports or doing other cool stuff.

If you are interested in giving your marine business a new look by showcasing your products through excellent images, high-quality videos, clean presentations or other graphical content, please get in touch with our Digital Technologies Specialist.


Wind Constructor

wind constructor


Ropax for Unity Line

Ropax for Unity Line


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ikona PDF

3D design in shipbuilding


Laser scan point cloud and virtual reality has created numerous applications for the shipbuilding industry which significantly elevates project performance.

Digital tools arsenal:

  • Building Information Management (BIM)
  • Reality Capture, i.e. laser scanning, point cloud acquisition, photo geometry
  • Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Implementation of a range of 3D design tools to a real captured marine environment allows for unburdened concept review allowing to always find the best solution for maximum vessel performance and low cost for the client. Combined BIM and point cloud environment together serve as the main platform for communication with the owner, shipyard, classification society and any other relevant stakeholders.

We are also proud to promote our colleagues who published a technical paper describing and measuring the benefits of VR&AR design, based on data derived from a number of newbuilding, retrofit and conversion projects managed through an ERP software. Moreover, their paper examines future technology applications as well as foreseeable development areas.

Laser Scanning in retrofits

Laser Scanning in retrofits


Icebrakers VR review

Icebrakers VR review


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3D design tools 2
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3D design tools 4
3D design tools 5
3D design tools 6
3D design tools 7
3D design tools 8
3D design tools 9
3D design tools 10
3D design tools 11
3D design tools 12
3D design tools 13
3D design tools 14
3D design tools 15
3D design tools 16
3D design tools 17
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Computational fluid dynamics simulation


Computer simulations are the core of modern engineering. Using our expertise together with state-of-the-art software, we ensure that safety and performance requirements are met.

NED-Project’s ship theory team has vast experience in all types of strength (FEA), stability and salvage calculations. Our specialised consultancy services bring value to the shipowner during concept development, class approval process as well as casualty investigation.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations allow to optimize the hull, appendages (rudder, bilge keels, bow thruster tunnels etc.) and propulsion arrangement in order to decrease fuel consumption. We are able to establish the ship’s performance at an early stage, where changes are likely to take place and ensure that the best hull form is achieved before undertaking tank testing. Good news for our planet and your budget is that going green and saving money on running costs come together! We also offer conversion feasibility studies of ships that are currently in service.


Our services include:

  • Stability Calculations
  • Flooding Simulations
  • Seakeeping Simulations
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations (CFD)
  • Propulsion & Powering Calculations
  • Towing Tank Test Supervision
  • Finite Element Analyses (FEA)

River icebreakers ice basin tests

river icebreaker


analyses and calculations 1
analyses and calculations 2
analyses and calculations 3
analyses and calculations 4
analyses and calculations 5
analyses and calculations 6
analyses and calculations 7
analyses and calculations 8
analyses and calculations 9
analyses and calculations 10
analyses and calculations 11
analyses and calculations 12
analyses and calculations 13
analyses and calculations 14
analyses and calculations 15
analyses and calculations 16
analyses and calculations 17
analyses and calculations 18



zero emission vessels


Joint industry efforts to reduce emissions and prevent spreading of invasive species are just two of numerous initiatives already underway and expert agree that we can expect more to come in next decade.

International Maritime Organisation’s resolution has forced all stakeholders to rethink their strategies and had a long-lasting effect on maritime bringing us one step closer to the IMO 2050 goal of having zero emissions across the whole marine industry.

Most prevalent trends in environmentally-focused technologies include:

  • Ballast Water Treatment Management
  • Exhaust Emissions Abatement
  • Energy Recovery Technologies

Through lasting commitment to the cause, NED-Project has acquired significant experience in retrofits, conversions, modernisations and other upgrades of in-service ships. On top of that, we remain at the forefront of industry technology development and identify upcoming trends and promising technologies to then offer innovative solutions to our clients.

NED-Project has long believed that the combination of environmental purpose with legislative backing together with technology expertise, industry awareness and most importantly understanding of client’s requirements are what is going to keep us on the path to achieving Zero Emission Vessels.

Upcoming year will transform the industry in terms of design, manufacturing, operation, shipping, services, production systems and maintenance. Production efficiency, ship safety, cost efficiency and energy conservation, environmental protection are all drivers for change. In order to create new quality standard, ship design must become smarter and aligned with smart shipbuilding g processes. Our know how and established practices allow us to offer services in conjunction with the technological trends of the industry.

zero emission vessels 1
zero emission vessels 2
zero emission vessels 3
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